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Where Academic Excellence Serves the Needs of the Whole Family

Why SJA?

We are a Private, Catholic Religious school, run by the Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker.  We welcome students of all faiths who participate in the established religious curriculum and programs offered during the school day.  We serve students from the communities of Boone, Kenton, Gallatin, Grant, Pendleton and Owen counties.

Our Catholic identity is the solid foundation of all we do. Our faith and religious practices permeate the school day. As Christians, we are reminded by Saint Paul in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” The mind needs to be filled with the words of Jesus found in the daily reading of Sacred Scripture at Mass. Then our thoughts can rise to God throughout the day in praise, thanks, adoration, contrition, and supplication. 

Parents, as the first educators of their children, teach them moral values that will benefit them throughout their lives. At Saint Joseph Academy, we nourish these moral values in a Christian environment that encourages the students to openly profess their faith in God.

We Offer:

  • Small classes with a teacher-student ratio of 7:1;
  • Personal attention, individualized learning;
  • Caring, experienced, degreed teachers;
  • Books, paper and pencil with integrated technology;
  • Challenging lessons which add up to outstanding educational outcomes      for the rigors of high school and beyond;
  • Homework used as reinforcement of the classroom lessons.

Our Mission

We, the Principal, Teachers and Staff of Saint Joseph Academy, with the help of God’s Grace, strive to model for our children and their families a true Christian life, to help them grow spiritually, academically and socially, so they may face life’s challenges with courage, and gain the happiness of Heaven. 

Our Philosophy of Education

A Catholic school has one primary reason for existence: to instruct students in the truths of our faith, so that, accepting these truths, they may so live, that God “through Jesus Christ may carry out in them all that which is pleasing to Him.” (Heb. 13:21) Hence, basic to our philosophy as Catholic educators at St. Joseph Academy is instruction in the principles of Christian faith and morals – principles which may serve our students as guidelines in worthy earthly living in attainment of eternal beatitude.

Secondly, Catholic education aims to give students an excellent academic education. St. Joseph Academy accepts this second purpose and endeavors to provide its students with a thorough instruction in the basics of scholarly learning.

Thirdly, since children are social beings living in a social milieu, St. Joseph Academy strives to inculcate in its students principles of regard and courtesy: a respect for their own human dignity and for that of all other people.

Finally, St. Joseph Academy accepts the trust of instilling in its students a sense of true patriotism with its responsibilities of good citizenship.             

Composed by: Sister Mary Petronilla, SJW 1976

Our Patron - Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph is mentioned in Sacred Scriptures but he is never quoted as saying anything. He was a man of obedient submission to the Will of God. 



Ages 1-5
  • Child Care Beginning Age 1 - 5
  • Preschool Ages 3-4
  • After School Care
  • Summer Care Program Ages 1-12
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Grades K-8
  • 5 Day Traditional Program
  • Highly Experienced, Certified Teachers
  • Small Class Size
  • Catholic Christian Faith-Based
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Grades 1-8
  • Parent Support with an Established 5-Day Curriculum
  • Highly Experienced, Certified Teachers
  • A La Carte Classes / Latin Offered
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  • Saint Joseph Academy offers the following programs: 

  • 5 day / Grades K-8 program 
    5-Day / 2-Day In-Person / Grades 2-8 (CHHSP) Classical Hybrid Homeschool Support Program with an established curriculum
    Preschool - Half Day or Full Day; 3 years old - Tuesdays & Thursdays 4 years old-Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
    Child Care Services beginning with 1 year old
    After School Care / 3:00 - 5:30
    Summer Care 
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There are several ways to support St. Joseph Academy.

We are very grateful to our patrons and welcome any support.  If you are intested in supporting SJA or would like to patronize any of our patrons click on the link below.


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Student Life at Saint Joseph Academy

Strives to educate the whole child spiritually, academically, and socially.

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